Our Team

Sanjeev Goel

Sanjeev Goel is the Founder of Institute of Travel & Tourism in Delhi, India and He launched this venture in 2022 looking into the opportunities in travel & tourism industries and the need to train whoever wishes to develop a Career in Travel & Tourism.

Sanjeev has been a Trainer & Consultant since 1992 in various domains of Telecom, Management, Soft Skills, Information Technology. He is a Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India having an experience of 25 years in training & development in the fields of Aviation, IT, Telecom, Management, Soft Skills & French language.

He has the capability to design & conduct training courses for various Industries using Information & Communication Technologies as ICT is the backbone impacting all the Industries.

Sanjeev has written articles on various topics in IT & Telecom and has been the National & International Conference Speaker since 1998. Also, Spoken at Telecom Conferences on emerging technologies & telecom infrastructures.