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COURSE DURATION- 1 Year – Starting Jan 2023

A career in Aviation Management – Management is something which a person starts learning from his/her childhood. Later on, after completing the professional course, a person becomes a full-fledged management specialist for managing the bigger companies, hotels, etc. But have you ever thought about managing the airlines, airport and their business? Sounds interesting.  

Aviation Management is a course like every other management course which is all about the specialized education of management in the aviation sector. There could be various roles which can become one’s dream job. To reach that goal, a candidate needs to adopt some good communication skills along with organizational skills. 

Aviation & Hospitality Management is a bigger umbrella with multiple jobs, including supervising routine operations, managing everything from higher to lower at the airport, airlines, and the aviation sector. The administrative staff of any airport must be conversant with aviation management to work on high-level positions where they can be entrusted with airport security and air traffic control towers. The course enables a candidate to adapt good communication skills apart from leadership and organizational skills, which are important in the aviation industry. 

Also, the course provides the candidate with a comprehensive background in aviation studies, management, and business to prepare students for careers such as cabin crew, customer services, airline operation, air transportation, airport management, airport consulting and sales.   

Course syllabus

An introduction of the Travel Industry

The Air Transportation Industry

Airport, Airfares & Air Tickets

The Hospitality Industry

The Travel Agency Industry

The Tour Industry

The Cruise Industry

Travel & Tour Operations

Demand & Supply in Tourism

Travel & Tourism Marketing

Tourism business in India

Government Bodies in Indian Tourism

Soft Skills for Personality Development

1. Grooming 

There will be grooming sessions where I will teach you, about your skin types and according to your skin type suggests you makeup products and how Apply makeup in detailed.  In fact, in grooming, you will learn about different hairstyles. Everything which you need for an interview in grooming part you will learn here.

2. Personality development 

In Personality development sessions you will learn about body posture and body language. It’s about how you seat in the interview and what is the perfect body language to while you face an interview. 

3. Communication

Here you will learn how to communicate professionally. You will learn about ascent.

You’ll learn the correct pronunciation of words which are regularly use in Aviation and hospitality industry. 

4. Aviation 

Here comes the most interesting part of this course is Aviation. In Aviation we will learn about different kinds of aircrafts. We learn the basics of Aviation. 

5. Mock Interviews 

Finally the best, Mock Interviews this will help to face the interview confidently .Once you are done with your syllabus we will observe in Mock Interviews that how much you have learned and correct you and polish your skills so that in final interview you do not repate any mistakes. 

6. French Language for Aviation, Travel & Tourism


  • The age should be between 18 to 27
  • No visible tattoos 
  • Height for female minimum 155 cms and ground staff no Height requirements 
  • Height for male minimum 170 cms and for ground staff no Height requirements
  • Candidates should have good communication skills, enthusiastic and Positive mindset to make their career in Aviation and hospitality Industry. 

Placement Opportunities

One can be placed in Aviation both in airport & airline administrative staff, cabin crew and ground staff. Even you can avail the opportunities in 5 star hotels and other big Retail brands. You can also apply for Customer service in different sectors. 


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